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ELRA febrero 26, 2008

Posted by Closto in Littera, Scholae scripta, Universitas.

ELRA (European Language Resources Association) is a non-profit organisation created in Luxembourg in February in 1995. This association aims to lead the language engineering technologies and evaluate them. To do so, ELRA accepted the commitment to organise the identification, distribution, collection, validation, standardisation and improvement in promoting the production of language resources. The scientific view and the campaigns are thought to make the development of the project more successful.

But what does “language resources” mean? “Language resources” makes reference to a speech or language data, both being able to be read, in machines. Examples of language resources can be seen either written or spoken, in databases or machinised lexicons, as well as in speech collections or electronic facts. Language resources need use the basic software tools to be prepared and organised, and so manged and controlled; this is, basic software shall be the key for the usage of these language resources.

The language resources must be used in this two ways: elaboration of systems and their evaluation.

The elaboration of systems are based on the usage of corpora. Those corpora also depend on the quantity of data given, either spoken or written. Being formed that way, and having filtered and explored the information used, the corpora’s performance shalll be available for the showing. The corpora give you the option of creating an indirect language base, which would depend on the focusing of the corpora or their needs.

The evaluation of systems are meant to compare, correct and revise the corpora. It is meant to work on the filtering, the organisation, the grammar and lexicon checking, the ortographical correction, the text order and so on. It is really usefull for the controlling of the development of the corpora and allows you to measure it whenever you want. All progresses made are to be regarded by that system evaluation.

ELRA has also collected information and organised it in different studies and essays, such as the “2006 Annual Market Study” or the “2005 Annual Market Study”, both made based on the responses obtained after the invitation made by personalised electronic mails.

Those Market Studies era meant to be useful for the ELRA members, and are focused on concrete topics about language evolution in machine translators and the language used in market research among many others.





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