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Boy Culture junio 17, 2007

Posted by Closto in Littera, Otium, Thema gay.

As I have seen this film in English, I’m writing the review in English too. First of all, for those who think a gay topic film about a male prostitute can only be erotic or pornish, YOU’RE WRONG! It’s a kind of drama, or could be even romantic in a way. In any case, it is about a guy who finds himself with 25 years and no love at all in his life. He fucks, he earns a lot of money by fucking and he shares a flat with two other guys: a black video-shop dependant,Andrew, and a young, promiscuous student, Joey, just turned eighteen.

Hot men? You'll see!

This film is not just another gay movie (indeed there is one film called like that), but a deep and interesting plot to which a great performance is added. Not in vain has it been awarded with many prizes such as the Philadelphia G & L Film Festival, the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival or even the Festival del Mar here in Spain. If you think that’s just an odd coincidence, you should rapidly change your mind.

The protagonist, called X, who happens to be the narrator, shows what his life is like in the beginning. He tells us he has a reduced amount of clients, in fact he only works for 12 people, everyone having important jobs. Since X is great doing his work, he is an expensive prostitute (he is, as you know, a hustler) and gets enough money from them to live with no economic worries. Suddenly, one of his lovers commits suicide and there’s a vacant place which turns to be fulfilled by an old man called Gregory. Gregory does not want to get X’s sexual services till the prostitute desires him as much as he desires X, and so he pays him to chat with him while X is getting ready to fuck him.


Meanwhile, X has troubles with his two roommates. He is secretly in love with Andrew, and actually the three of them secretly long for having sex with the other ones. The protagonist has to put in order his feelings and ideas and fight for that one he loves before he loses him.

It is an extraodinary film that shows how people has to give up their pride and risk for those they love, no matter what they do and what they are, as long as they are sincere to their partner. Though you will find sex, vices, lies and rudeness, there is one clear matrix: love, which moves all of us and changes us. Do not think it is all sex in prostitution; there are people with their feelings growing and living, usually expecting a better life, usually condemned to those kinds of lifestyles, doomed forever till their end.

So, mothers, do not fear bringing your children to watch the film. I highly recommend giving it a chance for it’s a wonderful film with a terrific story. It really worths it.

For further information, you can come around the oficial site.


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1. yuhaspace - junio 18, 2007

Copion xD, esta peli la pusimos hace unos dias en Sin Censura.

2. Closto - junio 18, 2007

xD Sí, pero yo he hecho una review. Y tú no. Ñañañañaña. Y como te pongas chulo, pienso poner mi review en Sin Censura. Muajaja.

3. @!N!-L0k@ - junio 18, 2007

despos d tanto tmpo pidiendom k t skriba algo… m e decidido a acerlo…XD solo ai un poblema… y sk nose k poner…XD
weno… hazteko… filmea oso ondo egon zen…ni espero nuen txarragoa izatea… ta azkenean gustatu zitzaidan…
egindako laburpena es de mofa! xo sk benetan… ya t vale… mira k idaztea ingeleses… weno, di k la peli staba in english…XD
bukatzeko… bonita skina la d despos d la peli…XD sk ya t vale… mira k star ablando d si ern puts o puts putos… when an old woman came… and she asked for the hour… y ncima… se deskojona! i can’t understand it…XD
baina beno… horrela dira gauzak ta orrela kontatu dizuegu…XD
ala, so… it’s all… lot of love, musus!!!!!!

4. Closto - junio 19, 2007

Esssssssssaaaaaioara. ¿Qué tal? Bueno, gracias por tu derroche de ingenio e imaginación, amor. Sin ti este artículo no sería igual. BESOS.


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