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Koiné marzo 19, 2007

Posted by Closto in Existimationes, Littera.

I was actually dying to write in English in my blog. I don’t know why but I wanted to, and so I begin to do with this post. Since I have another topic in mind to write about, I will just express my disappointment because of a subject I have freely chosen: Greek.

It is just unfair that we have to learn thousands of lists with hundreds of different words which correspond to different tenses of millions of verbs. Oh, yeah, guys, Greek has not but exceptions. They set some general rules that are suitable for four or five forms but the rest of the whole lexicon does not fit those rules. And I’m fed up of getting all the gramamr papers and the dictionary! Ok, I admit I do not work at all, but it bothers me anyway. I have to work everyday hours to translate a fucking sentence!! NO WAY!!! I can’t stand it anymore. I just can’t stand the Greek lessons.

And I can’t stand neither being here and writing in such a poor English. Don’t worry, I’ll bother you again!



1. Löss d’èl Dhêsbánn - marzo 19, 2007

Dón guórri ebáutít, plís, bí jápi, bai náu atlást.
Íts fáin dát iú guón braít inínglis e lídel in íur blag.
Góu ejéd.

2. Closto - marzo 19, 2007

Thanks, my dear friends. I wish I knew as much as you, or at least I’d like to work as hard as you. You’re a figure for all of us. Never change!

3. Löss d’èl Dhêsbánn - marzo 19, 2007

Bat, Iú a: é iónmen, áua dia:, téik edbantes ofít.

4. Closto - marzo 19, 2007

Young and hopeless, right? :S In elpidi apoznesko dia to piesteuein oti tengo posibilidades de aprobar griego.

5. Löss d’èl Dhêsbánn - marzo 19, 2007

Jóples ís názin bát é síli guérd. Cinq ébáutít é lídel móument, plís.
Gríq lánguech isísi for iú. Guérd.

6. Closto - marzo 19, 2007

It is not at all. Oh, please, don’t say that again, it really sucks. Too complicated for me. But thatks for your cheers ^^. I love you, guys!

7. Löss d’èl Dhêsbánn - marzo 19, 2007

¿Iú cínq só? ¿Rili? Iú mást bríq dáun ofít

8. Closto - marzo 19, 2007

What do you mean?

9. Löss d’èl Dhêsbánn - marzo 19, 2007

Güí min dát iú más zín ébauít é lát. Ifíu guón, ófqórs.

10. Closto - marzo 19, 2007

I will, but not enough to do the homework.

11. Löss d’èl Dhêsbánn - marzo 19, 2007

Méiqít ín dé mídel ófdé méinsstrít.
Jóm isnót ólgüéis dé bes pleis fo: guórquin ín gríq lánguéich. Iú qán belífás.

12. Closto - marzo 19, 2007

I do believe you.


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